Tree Species in UK

There are 35 native species of tree and shrub.



Height 21m+ - Age 65years+
Use of wood - firewood, charcoal, Wood-turning



Apple trees generally live up to 80 years but there are some that are older Use of wood - firewood, charcoal, Wood-turning



Height50+ - Age 200+
Use of wood - The wood is strong and flexible and so can be used for a variety of items e.g. polo and hockey sticks, oars, etc - it is also used for furniture.



Height 20-35m - Age 50years+
Use of wood - The bark can be used for tanning leather, making arrows

Bay Willow

Height 20m


Height 45m+ - Age 200+
Use of wood - firewood/charcoal - it is also used for furniture making - turning etc
The nuts which good to eat and the oil can be extracted and used in cooking.

Bird Cherry

Height 15m
Use of wood - Edible berries

Black Poplar

Height 35m
Use of wood - it is not a durable wood and so is useful for pulp, plywood, pallets.


Height 9m
Yellow, hard wood

Crab Apple

Height 16m
Use of wood - wood turning, firewood
Crab Apples are sour but make excellent jellies with rowan berries and blackberries. One can also make a potent wine out of the fruit

Crack Willow

Height 8m - Age 70-85years
Use of wood - good for charcoal making, and because of its softness - children's toys
The leaves have salicylic acid in them which is an ingredient in aspirin.

Common Oak

Height 27m+ - Age 200-1000years
Use of wood - Veneer, building timber frames, fencing, firewood and charcoal.
Bark Tannin good for tanning leather. Acorns useful for animal feed


Downy Birch

Similar to a silver birch but slower growing and short lived.
Field Maple Height 25m - Age 50-100years


Goat Willow

Height 6-15m


Height 8m - Age 70-80years
Use of wood - Good Coppicing wood, Cask hoops, baskets, walking sticks, hurdles, thatching, and firewood. Popular Nuts



Height 10 - 15m - Age 250 years
Use of wood - walking sticks and tool handles. Good firewood.

The red fruit!


Height 15m+
It is an evergreen tree with a prickly leaf. it is used to decorate houses at Christmas. Use of wood - Very dense Creamy white wood is great for carving, turning and firewood.The branches used to be pollard for winter feed


Height 30m - Age 150years
Use of wood - chopping blocks - very hard and close grained wood!


Large Leaved Lime

Height 32m
Use of wood - Soft white timber that does not warp once seasoned! exceptional  for carving and model making. The bark used to be used for ropes. Produces lots of nectar for honey bees and flowers can be used to make tea. They are very aromatic.


Height 6m
Use of wood - Sapwood aromatic. Berries used to flavour food and gin

Midland Thorn

Similar to Hawthorn- Height 10m


Height 15m+ - Age 100years+
Use of wood - Wood turning, carving, firewood, bow making.

Scots Pine

Height 40m+ - Age 150years+ The only native British Pine.Use of wood - full of preservative resins so it is used outside for fencing, joinery pitch, tars, resin and turpentine obtained from the wood.

Silver Birch

Height 28m - Age 60years+
Use of wood - Excellent firewood, wood and bark distilled to produce tar to make waterproofing for leather.

Small Leaved Lime

Height 38m - Age 500years
Use of wood - Soft white timber that does not warp once seasoned! Good for carving and model making. The bark used to be used for ropes.


Strawberry Tree

Height 12m
Red berry looks like a strawberry
Use of wood - The grain on this wood is pink and fine grained.


Sessile Oak

Height 40m - Age 1000years+
Use of wood - Veneer, building timber frames, fencing, firewood and charcoal.



Height 20-35m

Use of wood - the grain of the wood is dark - highly sort after for furniture and veneer.
The Nuts are tasty and popular The oil is excellent for cooking


White Willow

Height 16m
Use of wood - tree is pollard every 5 years - straight stems useful for making poles and for firewood. Useful material for basket making and hurdles.

White beam

Height 20m
Use of wood - hard brown wood which is nice to turn and its fruit are edible so one can make jam or wine

Wild Cherry

Height 15m - Age 200years
Use of wood - striking reddish brown wood when it it oxidizes. popular for furniture making, turning or as a veneer Black berries are edible.

Wild Service Tree

Height 26m
Use of wood - a rare yellowish type of wood that can be used for inlays and turning.


Wych Elm

Height 40m - Age 500years
Use of wood - coffins, water pipes, troughs and sea defences.


Height 15-18m - Age 2000+years
Use of wood - Excellent for making bows - beautiful colouring of wood so it is highly required after for veneers and furniture. superb  for turning with its different colours.The Yew tree is very poisonous - everything is deadly bar the flesh on the berries - the seed in the berry is poisonous but not the flesh!



Mixed Hedgerows

These are so important for wildlife. They act as windbreaks, a food source, a nesting ground, and a shelter for birds, mammals and insects


Excellent plants for native hedgerows include:

Sweet Briar
Dog Rose
Wayfaring Tree
Field Rose
Wild Briar

Pruning Sevices

Crown: The branches and leaves on a tree measured from the lowest branch on the trunk
Crown Cleaning: Removal of dead wood and any broken or diseased branches
Crown Thinning: Removal of specific branches to permit better air movement and light penetration
Crown Raising: Removal of lower branches over roofs and paths
Crown Reduction: Reduction of the height and/or spread of the tree through proper pruning Services
Decay: The decomposition of woody matter
Limb: A major branch large in size
Lead: A prevailing vertical stem which is dominant
Pruning: Removal of specific plant parts to your specifications and taste

Tree Services

Bracing: Use of steel rods in limbs, leads or trunks provide firm support
Cabling: Provides extra support to limbs with weak joints
Damage Restoration: pruning to improve the structure and appearance of the tree due to damage from a storm or vandalism
Root Pruning: Process of cutting the roots of an established tree to helps growth of new feeder roots after it has been transplanted
Staking: Installation of guy wires to support a tree
Stump Removal: Grinding the main stump
Tree Removal: The cutting down of a tree that has decayed or dangerous so far that no other option is available to ensure the safety of people or property

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