Crown Reduction


Crown Reduction: Reduction of the height and/or spread of the tree through proper pruning Services


Some trees that have been neglected or growing out of control in the past often need remedial work to regain structure and to ensure safety.Trees can be reduced in height and/or spread while preserving a natural tree shape by crown reduction and/or crown reshaping. Some trees need light reductions, thinning or lifting of the crown to help property or gardens receive more light.This procedure should be carried out by cutting back o a side bud or branch.


Deadwood in the tree can become a hazard and is quite often removed when a tree is overhanging objects or rights of way.








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Pruning Sevices

Crown: The branches and leaves on a tree measured from the lowest branch on the trunk
Crown Cleaning: Removal of dead wood and any broken or diseased branches
Crown Thinning: Removal of specific branches to permit better air movement and light penetration
Crown Raising: Removal of lower branches over roofs and paths
Crown Reduction: Reduction of the height and/or spread of the tree through proper pruning Services
Decay: The decomposition of woody matter
Limb: A major branch large in size
Lead: A prevailing vertical stem which is dominant
Pruning: Removal of specific plant parts to your specifications and taste

Tree Services

Bracing: Use of steel rods in limbs, leads or trunks provide firm support
Cabling: Provides extra support to limbs with weak joints
Damage Restoration: pruning to improve the structure and appearance of the tree due to damage from a storm or vandalism
Root Pruning: Process of cutting the roots of an established tree to helps growth of new feeder roots after it has been transplanted
Staking: Installation of guy wires to support a tree
Stump Removal: Grinding the main stump
Tree Removal: The cutting down of a tree that has decayed or dangerous so far that no other option is available to ensure the safety of people or property

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