Tree Surgery

Liquidambar offers a wide range of Tree Surgery services, a brief outline of these is listed below:


The removal of a 100% of the crown back to the previous pollard points. Pollarding should only be carried out on trees that have previously been managed as a pollard from an early age. New pollards should be made when trees are young, pollarding mature trees or lopping and topping (very heavy reduction on a mature tree) should only be carried out to make safe a dangerous tree in order to retain it, (usually for conservation reasons).


Total Removal

When a tree needs to be removed completely we can remove the tree by straight felling or dismantling the tree in sections also called Sectional Felling. Felling a large tree in a restricted area will normally require the tree to be climbed and dismantled in sections. This is how a tree is removed in small gardens or when there are features below the tree.

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The felling or removing of an entire tree, whether it be from the ground where there is ample space to drop the tree as a whole, or where a tree is a confined space as is often the case and it requires dismantling/removing in smaller pieces to avoid damage to property. Tree stumps can also be removed-see Stump Grinding.


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Stump Grinding

Removing the stump after a tree has been felled (see tree felling) in order to replant with a new tree or make alternative use of the new space. Liquidambar has various machines so that we are able to remove stumps of any size and those where access is restricted.

Crown Reduction/Shaping

Once known as lopping and topping, terms now out of date and frowned upon by professionals in the industry, it is the pruning of a trees crown in order to make its overall size, height/spread smaller and to give it a more aesthetically pleasing shape. The quantity of crown reduction is usually given as a percentage of the amount of the crown to be removed, but it is occasionally given in metres or feet.

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Crown Thinning

This is the removal of selective branches throughout a tree’s crown in order to reduce foliage density without reducing the width or spread and greatly altering the shape of the tree. Quantity of thinning is again usually given as a percentage, it allows more light to pass through the crown and improves air flow. Care must be taken that trees are not over thinned, as the internal foliage on a tree is very important in energy production especially during warm weather.

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Removal of Deadwood/Crown Clean

Cutting out of deadwood, from through out the trees crown, where if it were to fall, could prove dangerous to people or property beneath. Crown cleaning can also include removal of crossing branches and tree sucker growth/water shoots in the crown.

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Formative Pruning

Undertaken on young trees, the removal of deadwood crossing branches, twin stems so to give the tree the full potential to grow into a healthy mature tree with good form. Formative pruning may reduce a trees potential of becoming hazardous and its requirement for remedial works in maturity.


Cable Bracing

Installing steel or more flexible rods and cabling to support stems/branches with a potential weakness or those that are prone to failing during extreme weather such as high winds and snow. Also installing beams/poles to prop up stems or low branches that carry considerable weight to reduce chances of failure.

Hedge Laying and Trimming

Liquidambar offers the trimming or reducing in height of any sized hedge. Liquidambar also offers hedge laying. We can also plant new hedges and advise on species selection and aftercare.

Tree Planting

Liquidambar plants new trees and can advise on appropriate species choice for the planting location. The planting season is when trees are dormant between November and March, although containerised trees can be planted all year round, but will require regular watering. After planting, trees are mulched and staked as required.

Chemical Applications

Liquidambar have personnel qualified in the application of chemicals for pest and disease control. We can also apply chemicals to treat (kill) stumps and for controlling weeds and other tougher vegetation.

Arboricultural Consultancy

Liquidambar offers a wide range of arboricultural consultancy services a brief outline of these is listed below:

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All tree surgery is to British Standard 3998 Recommendations for Tree Work 2010