Arboricultural Consultancy


Liquidambar offers a wide range of arboriculture consultancy services a brief outline of these is listed below:

General Tree Surveys

These are custom designed, and contain as much or as little detail as required by the client. Surveys are objective recordings of tree species, dimensions and obvious defects. Liquidambar can also give recommendations for any remedial work required and prioritise works where surveys include large numbers of trees.

BS5837: 2005 Development Site Surveys

Completion of Arboricultural Implication Assessments (AIA) to categorise the trees on site in accordance with BS5837:2005 and the completion of Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS) to recommend suitable measures for tree protection through out the entire development construction.



Tree preservation order advice and conservation areas

Applications to Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) for work to be undertaken to trees subject to the above. Liquidambar generally include the cost of applications within the cost of the tree surgery works. Reports can be written to support work recommendations to trees subject to TPO or CA.

Tree inspections & Hazard risk assessments

Inspecting trees for signs and symptoms of defects that may increase their potential to fail and giving appropriate recommendations to reduce the risk to property and public.

Woodland creation, maintenance & management

Woodland, arboretums, parkland and avenues are some of types of treed environment that may require a management plan. They are designed specifically to each site and include recommendations for present management and future sustainability. The plan can be deigned for any length of time, but the most common type of plans are for 5 and 25year periods.

Mortgage Reports

Surveying of the trees, located close to a particular property, for their potential to cause damage directly or indirectly to the property at the present time or in the future


All tree surgery is to British Standard 3998 Recommendations for Tree Work 2010